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The Sacramento Hospice Consortium is an independent, nonprofit corporation that consists of the nonprofit Medicare-certified hospices in the Greater Sacramento Area. Our purpose is to foster and coordinate cooperative efforts in the training of volunteers and staff, referrals and community relations, and peer exchange and support.


The Sacramento Hospice Consortium’s vision is of a world in which every person is able to take advantage of the end of life services provided through hospice and each person’s death is approached with dignity and support.


The Sacramento Hospice Consortium was formed in 1982 to coordinate local volunteer training and education, community relations and peer support among the not-for-profit, Medicare Certified Hospices in the Greater Sacramento Area. The Sacramento Hospice Consortium concept is unique in the United States in that all programs are managed individually but work collaboratively in a non-competitive environment, which serves the ultimate goal of providing quality care to our patients.


Hospice Members

UC Davis Hospice
T. 916.734.2458 | F. 454.1903
3630 Business Drive
Sacramento, CA 95820
Hospice Manager: Charlotte Norton
Volunteer Coordinator: Erin S. Bjork

Sutter Care at Home Hospice, Roseville
T. 916.797.7850 | F. 781.6447
3001 Lava Ridge, Suite 330
Roseville, CA  95661
Administrator: Cindy Weber
Volunteer Coordinator: CJ Noddings

Sutter Care at Home Hospice, Sacramento
T. 916.388-6255 | F. 916.381.5135
8334 Ferguson Avenue
Sacramento, CA  95828
Hospice Administrator:  Krista Bishop, RN
Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa Levering-Clark
Volunteer Coordinator: Rory Kilcullen

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