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Myra Bennett,  Compassionate Crossings, Death Doula

During and after the loss of several family members and friends, with whom she shared in the care of and assisted those others who were involved, Myra experienced a calling to hospice nursing. At the time, she had been a nurse for nearly thirty years, with the goal always being the promotion of health and life. But it was only after becoming a hospice nurse that she recognized her calling in the field of “death and dying”.

It was during those years giving bedside care to hundreds of people as they transitioned and assisting the family and caregivers that she came to understand that this process was much more than a beloved’s passing. She became aware that it was not only the dying person but all those present who could benefit from care and support. It was at this time that she came to see herself in the role that she is in now; a Certified End of Life Guide.   Author of Dying Made Easy(er): Creating Your Happy Ending